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Ziplining in Pattaya, Thailand

Hanging like a gibbon through the rain forest I was ziplining in Patayya Thailand. Ziplining is one of the top things to do in Pattaya. It allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle that the city of Pattaya offers and takes you to the rain forest.

Located less than an hour from Pattaya, the flight of the gibbon is located in the open zoo of khao kheow. This makes it a pleasant drive once you get to the zoo in which wild bores, monkeys and deer can be spotted.

Once you get to their office you are briefed and you get to sign a liability form. Another five minutes drive and you are taken to the next step towards your flight. Here the manager greets you and you get a safety briefing. Safety is paramount here. You will also get your own flight of the gibbon bandanna, for hygiene reasons but it's pretty cool, and you get to keep it as a souvenir.

The next step is to get equipped with a hard hat and harness. The sky ranger briefs you on the correct way to zipline for safety reasons on their display platform.

Then we head off, deeper into the forest. The adventure starts with a 10 minute walk through the rain forest towards the first platform. From this step onwards it's a non stop 2 hour adventure in the sky over the lush green forest. The zipline themselves start short (at around 30m) and work their way to longer ones, this helps you get the feel and eager for the next to come. The Longest zipline is a 300 meter descent that gives you the feeling that you are truly flying. Whether it's free hand or not just enjoy the flight and remember to look at the stunning views while on the platform waiting for your turn.

Flight of the gibbon in Pattaya have a 3 km course which consists of 24 platforms, 3 skywalks, 2 stairways, 2 free abseiling with a height of 25 and 35 meters down massive trees and deeper in the rainforest. The course has 15 zipline one of which they call the honeymoon one in which you can zipline alongside your friend.

After an epic flight of fun, adrenaline and gorgeous tree top views you are taken to eat a delicious lunch at their restaurant. To top up the great adventure you get a 40 minute tour of the open zoo in which you can see all types of big cats and lions.

Even though it's not situated in Pattaya getting their is easy as Flight of the Gibbon provide pickup from the city. The ideal time to fly I would suggest morning because it gives you more day light to enjoy the zoo in the end.

Ziplining in Pattaya Thailand is surely on the top of our list of things to do in Pattaya.

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