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Exploring Budvas 35 km Riviera by boat

I could smell the salt of the Adriatic Sea, as water splashed on my skin. Seagulls glided over the sea while the boat drove away from the shore. The views of the Lovcen Mountain hugging Budva’s coast was stunning. Wow! What an amazing welcome to Montenegro.

Budva is the most popular destination in Montenegro. With its beautiful beaches, gorgeous old town and hot nightlife, no wonder this town proudly carries the nickname ‘The Queen of the Mediterranean. In Legend, this is where Cadmus settled after leaving Greece. In fact, it is believed that Budva got its name from the ox cart in which he was exiled. Budva’s history dates back to 500BC in which it was a settlement area for the Greeks. The town struggled through the collapse of the Roman Empire and in the 12th century it became part of the Serbian Empire. In 1443, it fell into the arms of Venice, which protected them from the Turks. Budva was controlled by the French for a brief period in the 19th century and Austrians settled here until World War I. After that, Budva was included as part of Montenegro, and after World War II, it has become the ultimate tourist destination.

A great way to explore Budva’s 35 km Riviera is by boat. This is the ultimate journey to discover Budva’s beaches and islands. The adventure starts from a little dock in Slovenska beach. A 40 minute boat ride passes you through Becici beach, Kamenovo, Przno, Milocer, Queen’s beacj, King’s beach and finally all the way to the one and only Sveti Stefan.

Sveti Stefan gives you that ‘wow’ gaze as you set eyes on it. It is a beautiful peninsula packed with terracotta-roofed houses predating to the 15th century. Sveti Stefani is renowned as the most expensive spot in the area – an apartment in high season can cost up to €2,000 per night. This area is popular with many Hollywood celebrities going on a holiday to Montenegro.

The boat stops you at the edge of the rugged coastline at the end of the beach, where you get to swim in crystal clear blue waters with the gorgeous mountain views mirroring the sea.

From here, the captain drives you to Sveti Nikola Island. Here you can discover the islands caves by swimming in them and enjoy the serene sound of the waves crushing onto the rocks in the pitch black. This area is a good place to do free rock climbing and cliff jumping so get yourself ready for some adrenaline kicks.

The tour then drops you off on Sveti Nikola Island, where you get some time to explore some other beaches on foot and see the wonders of this precious jewel.

The boat tour was hosted by a family run business, the brothers Saki and Ero. This is by far the best way to hang out with the locals too! You can’t be in Budva and not discover its shores, so make sure you take the tour for €20 per person. The boat tour is a 3 hour journey which includes free drinks including local beer and wine.

Make sure you wear your swimming suit and take your sun cream, a towel, a hat and sun glasses and of course, your camera!

If you’re into fishing, Saki can also take you on a fishing tour, at €20 per person minimum 2 pax. Saki says, ‘No fish, no eat’, this is because he guarantees a catch and grill the fish on a BBQ! Wow, how’s that for a fresh fish dinner!

Saki and Ero also run a beautiful hostel tucked in the surrounding mountains at Budva. Beds are at €12 and beautiful private modern rooms starting at €35. The hotel offers a beautiful pool and sun deck where you can relax and enjoy a swim during the day. The rooms come with an amazing selection for breakfast with local food and ingredients.You can contact Saki Hostel at or +38269696469

Check out the video for the full experience!

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