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Our top 10 highlights in Bosnia & Herzegovina

#1 Kravice Waterfalls

These waterfalls are like you walked into heaven on earth. They form large cascades on the Trebižat River. With a 120 meter radius lake at the base of the waterfalls, it definitely makes it a great spot for a picnic and a refreshing swim.

#2 Mostar Old Town

Mostar is well known for its beautiful 25 meter old bridge from which cliff jumping is a popular sport. The bridge is accessible through a narrow cobbled street which holds the gorgeous old bazaar which is highly influenced by a historic Turkish presence.

#3 Konjic and the Neretva River

Konjic is a best town for white water rafting through the Neretva River. The only way to see the river is to raft through its beautiful river bed and canyons. Its crystal clear waters are not only beautiful to see but good to drink. Check out the rafting experience here.

#4 Jajce

Jajce is a great town in Bosnia & Herzegovina with a beautiful park and waterfall 2 minutes away from the town. With its old town and fortress standing high on top, it’s worth an overnight stay.

#5 Park Plivsko Jezero

Just a few kilometres from Jajce, this beautiful lake and park is a picture perfect place for you to soak in its beauty and relax.

#6 Krupe waterfall

This gorgeous waterfalls are not only nice to see. The water pressure from the falls are used to stir a mechanism to mill different cereals including wheat, rye, barley and corn.

#7 Neum

Bosnia has only 20 km of coast touching the Adriatic coast the rest is all inland. Hence, Neum is the only coastal town, which is obviously worth visiting. It offers stunning sea views and sun sets.

#8 Panoramic View of Vrbas River

On the E661, don’t forget to stop for the panoramic view of Vrbas river, there is a particular point from which you can see the whole curve of the river, its breathtaking!

#9 Sarajevo

Being the capital city we had to go and glad we did. The Tunnel of hope was definitely the most interesting thing to visit, we’ve learnt so much about the Sarajevo siege, it’s incredible. Check out the great secret tunnel off hope story here.

#10 Međugorje

This area has become a highly popular destination for catholic pilgrimages. The place where Our Lady’s apparition has been seen many times over the years. A must stop for a quick prayer for safe travels.

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Here's a video of our journey through Bosnia & herzegovina

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