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Our top 5 highights in Hungary

Our Road Trip in Europe took us to Hungary which is a relatively big country. Due to restrictions, including the route and time limitations we didn’t get to see many places in this interesting country. Having said that, we are very glad to have seen 2 great cities; Hévíz and Budapest, and another two incredible landmarks along the way. So here are our top highlights for Hungary.

#1 Hévíz Thermal Lake

Heviz, seemed like a weird town with people randomly roaming around the streets in robes and inflatables! This seemed very weird until we've learnt that Hévíz hosts the 2nd largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Hévíz. Here you can enjoy a relaxing swim in this thermal lake and benefit from its therapeutic properties as well as enjoy a nice massage. This is definitely the best place to relax and unwind when visiting Hungary.

#2 Hévíz Hot Air Balloon Experience

One of the best things we did during this Road trip, and possibly in our life was a Hot Air Balloon experience in Hévíz. This adventure was always on our bucket-list and we feel that it should be on yours too. It was an unforgettable joy ride during which we got to see Hévíz and Lake Balaton from bird’s eye view. To read about the experience check our detailed blog here.

#3 Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is a beautiful fresh water lake, the largest in central Europe. This lake has become Hungarians’ number one vacation resort area after the Adriatic coast was taken all away and the country remained without a sea-side location. Here you can enjoy a picnic, swim, sail, golf or horse ride and last but not least enjoy wine tasting since this is a prominent area for vine yards in Hungary.

#4 Bokod

I found it fascinating when I checked out the top places to visit in Hungary and found a floating village. It seemed like I was travelling to Asia, so we couldn’t resist and take a ride to this part of Hungary. It fascinated us to see how these people live, in tranquility away from the city life, in such peace – fishing using simple fishing roads, and enjoying a beer with friends.

#5 Hungary's Capital City Budapest

Budapest has been a great city to roam around. We’re not much into cities, but Budapest offers a lot. Some of the top highlights in Budapest include the river cruise, both day and night from which you can see the beautiful city in the morning transform into something spectacular at night. Another top highlight in Budapest is the panoramic view point at Mount Castle and Fishermen bastion from Buda’s side, over the Danube River and Pest.

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