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Pamukkale - a White Turkish Marvel

Whilst on a road trip across Western Turkey, as we were driving through a narrow windy road, we thought we were driving through snow capped mountains. As we drove closer, we realised we were at our destination; Pamukkale. The enormity of the large white glacier was impressive.

Romy Desira

A short 50 minute domestic flight with Turkish airlines to Denizli. Pamukkale is part of the town of Denizli and is an hour drive from the airport. Pamukkale is a famous for it's natural travertine thermal baths.

These are streams of warm water flowing out from the ground naturally. The soothing effect was warm water was first noticed by the Romans, when they had built this Greek-Roman spa city, Hierapolis, which is now called Pamukkale.

One can walk a 2km trail from the entrance and see all the ruins of Hierapolis, through a cobbled path surrounded by roses leading to the travertine thermal pools.

Here you can dip in the travertine pools overlooking the view, the upper ones are warm and as you walk along the lower ones they start to get cooler but less busy.

Our preferred spot was the small canal, much like an aqueduct, through which a nice steam of warm water was flowing through.

Luke Desira

A walk behind the travertine pools one can find an archaeological museum and the ancient pool, where at an extra cost one can swim over ruins in the crystal clear pools. It is believed that these thermal pools cure some diseases. Beyond the ancient pool one, just a walk up the hill one also finds the beautiful amphitheater which is still in it's original state and simply mesmerizes you as it takes you back in time.

Pamukkale is beautiful because the thermal water flowing out freely is natural, and there is not recent construction around the area; allowing you to experience part of the lifestyle of this old village. Moreover, the pools hang over the town and has a picturesque view of the mountains that surround it [pity that we didn't have blue skies :p ].

The quaint village of Pamukkale is small and there are only a few restaurants and hotels. There is also a nature park. One can do other activities here like paragliding and quad biking. Pamukkale should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting Turkey and it can also be done from Fithye which is 3 hour drive away.

Romy & Luke Desira

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